Collaborative Valuation

Collaborative Valuation & Dissolution Services

At P.S. Platinum, we work with various types of clients looking to buy and sell real estate in the greater San Diego area. Our clients range from high net-worth individuals to first time homebuyers – with differing backgrounds and circumstances. In fluctuating economic times, we see a growing need to work with clients to produce the most effective & painless sales process.

While our team assists many clients looking to buy or sell out of desire, we also work with individuals needing to buy or sell out of necessity. We are experts in the real estate dissolution process – whether from divorce, a family member passing, or from numerous other unfortunate scenarios. Our marketing is second to none, we are knowledgeable about our area, we are sensitive to client disclosure & we are one of the only firms specializing in a Collaborative Sales Process.

What is Collaborative Valuation & Dissolution?

We offer a One-Stop-Solution by working directly with all parties involved in the transaction: husband, wife, beneficiary, attorney, heirs, etc. Often times we become involved when there is some sort of dispute in what real estate advisor to contract or in determining the value of the property.

We are here to help with the following services:

  • Free Initial Real Estate & Services Consultation
  • Individualized Meetings – upon request
  • Title Review & Potential Restructuring
  • Determination of Value with all parties
  • Collaborative efforts -individual comparable walk-through when needed
  • Customized Marketing Plan – depending on urgency and circumstance
  • Professional Photography, Videography (if applicable), Graphic Design, Property Website, Social Media, Email campaign & web promotion.
  • Listing & Sales Process
  • Weekly reporting to all parties involved
  • Scheduled Showings
  • Collaborative Contract Negotiations
  • In-house Bank Negotiator (if distressed)
  • Temporary housing, rental assistance, or purchase (if applicable)
  • Moving Assistance – fee service provided by vendor
  • Credit & Financial Strategy – fee service provided by vendor

*Our mission is to run a sales process in a manner that avoids unforeseen conflict. It is a stressful process & everything works much better when each party can resolve issues outside of a judge’s determination.