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Seller Representation

At P.S. Platinum, we have built successful innovative tactics for selling homes, which goes beyond the traditional approach of past markets. With over 80% of sales originating from buyers seeing a property online, we have guided our energy into developing effective methods for online search-ability. P.S. Platinum has partnered with various web & media guru’s to offer our clients the best chance for a successful listing process. We work with Treehouse SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Treehouse MG (Video Production Marketing), Citrus Public Relations + Special Events, Various Professional Photographers, and a graphic design team for flyers, advertisements and individual property websites. These relationships have given our listings an edge over other competing listed properties, giving our clients the exposure and presentation they deserve.

P.S. Platinum’s boutique style service mixed with a global presence and local immersion has allowed our brokerage to be recognized as one of the top firms selling San Diego Real Estate. While we always hope & expect to be a seller’s first choice, we understand that some clients choose Real Estate agents based on obligation to pre-existing relationships rather than industry credentials. In those instances, we occasionally find ourselves re-energizing marketing & sales efforts for unsuccessful listings previously held with another broker. P.S. Platinum offers a strategy geared towards promoting property through both traditional & non-traditional methods. We see each home as its own brand, it’s why our online and print listing presentations get noticed & others passed over. Our team is not merely Real Estate Brokers, we are real estate & financial advisers with marketing & brand savvy.

We have designed a specific, three-tier system which has been proven to increase our ability to sell San Diego real estate. This is done by putting you first. Customer service is something that is very important to the team at Pacific Shore Platinum. It is this customer service, which brings our clients back to us when they have a San Diego real estate need.


Buyer Representation

If you are buying an exceptional property, you deserve the very best representation available. The P.S. Platinum team has been providing the finest service along the San Diego coastline since 2001. We will walk you through the buying process and insure a smooth transaction. We are skilled negotiators and have experienced hundreds of real estate transactions over the years. Our Property Management San Diego division can assist you as well if you are interested in leasing prior to or after purchasing. As one of the most desirable places in the world to live, buying real estate in San Diego will continue to be a choice investment for many years to come.

Every day we are studying the San Diego Real Estate market. We go the extra mile, scouring both listed & unlisted opportunities. We look forward to scheduling an orientation meeting to better understand the style, location, pricing and amenities you are seeking. If the home you are looking for isn’t on the active market, we will find it.

We look forward to working with you.