Property Management

P.S. Platinum currently holds the largest portfolio of luxury rentals in the San Diego area. Our stunning San Diego leasing opportunities are available for weekly, monthly and yearly rentals. Our approach and attention to detail gives our clients the best chance to maximize value and profitability.

Pacific Shore Platinum entered the real estate industry by specializing primarily in luxury leasing. We quickly became noticed by owners, tenants and vacationers both locally and internationally. Our homeowner clients continued using our knowledge & service when selling their San Diego homes, while our rental clients typically sought our services when purchasing a property of their own (often times the same home they had been renting). Over the years, it’s been a seamless transition into developing to a full-service brokerage in the Greater San Diego area.

Our clients have grown to expect results from our leasing division. As a brokerage, we have continued to grow as the San Diego home leasing leader. Due to the enormous amount of detail and global marketing outreach involved, our competition has remained thin. At P.S. Platinum, our leasing division and sales team operate cohesively to introduce sellers, buyers and visitors to one another. Both teams work collectively with our homeowner clients who see value in generating income while trying to sell their property.

We are the leader in San Diego property management and luxury leasing. Contact us to discuss your homes rental potential. We look forward to providing you with unparalleled leasing services.

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