Del Mar Luxury For Sale Reflect Classic History

The 77th race season at the Del Mar Racetrack is upon us. Once again, the sights of Del Mar residents are filled with fashion and luxury as attendees gather to experience another year of tradition. Longtime announcer Trevor Denman’s familiar voice fills the air alongside the rhythmic beating of hooves racing across soil and grass. The air is crisp and fresh, enhanced by the steady ocean breeze floating from just a few hundred meters away.


Del Mar Racetrack


Each year, these sensations fill Del Mar residents with feelings of gratitude and appreciation for coastal life. The longtime seaside community is home to pristine beaches, charming shops, award-winning restaurants, and striking architecture of all kinds. From coastal contemporary to mid-century modern, each home in Del Mar is a unique story ensconced with history, and each comes with the promise of great memories to come.

Architecture in Del Mar

The story of a home must begin at the first chapter: the architecture. Once home to renowned architects John Lloyd Wright and Herb Turner, Del Mar is rich in architectural history and design.  

Del Mar Architect John Lloyd Wright

The second-eldest son of world-famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, John Lloyd Wright relocated in 1947 to Del Mar, where over the course of 35 years, he designed more than 40 homes. Wright’s architectural style can best be categorized under the Prairie School movement, first seen around the turn of the 20th Century. If your children have ever spent an afternoon playing with Lincoln Logs, you can attribute those memories to John Lloyd Wright, as toymaker was his second profession.

One of Wright’s most notable projects, 1641 Crespo, is available as a luxury vacation rental in La Jolla. The history and architecture are juxtaposed with aerial ocean views that stretch from the Pacific horizon, up the Northern La Jolla coastline and beyond to the snow-capped Saddleback Mountains. At 1641 Crespo Drive near La Jolla Village, it is no question why Wright chose the picturesque locale as the backdrop for one of his creations.



Contact Jon Granston to discuss 1641 Crespo, La Jolla, and other similar properties.

Del Mar Architect Herb Turner

Another notable Del Mar architect began his journey in architecture after suffering a soccer injury at West Point Military Academy. Inspired by the designs of John Lloyd Wright, Herb Tuner left Upstate New York behind and packed his bags for the West Coast. He wrote to the famed architect, then living in Del Mar, requesting an apprenticeship, but received no response. After appearing on Wright’s doorstep, Turner was instead offered room and board in exchange for work around the property.


Herb Turner Del Mar Architect

Del Mar Architect Herb Turner. Photo courtesy of Modern San Diego.


Turner lived upstairs in the home Wright designed at 420 Serpentine Drive in Del Mar during his apprenticeship with Wright. He earned a measly 75 cents per hour for the three-year apprenticeship before joining an architectural firm in 1955. The John Lloyd Wright home at 420 Serpentine is a unique property that offers breathtaking ocean views, and plenty of space while still feeling private, as though being cradled by the hills of Del Mar.

The property is preparing to hit the market with full, city-approved renderings and renovation plans completed by Del Mar based architectural firm Bokal and Sneed. The opportunity to live in the home of not one, but two famous architects does not come around often, and typically not in such a vibrant and appealing community as Del Mar.  

John Lloyd Wright Serpentine Home Del Mar

420 Serpentine is listed for $4,795,000 with Jon Granston of P.S. Platinum and includes approved plans through the city of Del Mar.

Turner eventually opened his own family-run design-build firm and also worked as an artist. Over the course of his career, Turner completed more than 50 projects in and around Del Mar. His art can be found in institutions such as the La Jolla Art Guild and the San Diego Museum of Art. Turner built and lived at 606 Zuni Drive in Del Mar, and continued to design until his passing in 2010.

The parallels between 606 Zuni and the home Turner shared with Wright at 420 Serpentine can be felt in the architecture as well as the locale. Both properties are spacious, serene, and allow their residents to feel protected by the sloping Del Mar landscape. Conceptual renderings for 606 Zuni showcase the endless possibilities available for such a historic home, and were created by Jennifer Bolyn of La Jolla based architectural firm, EOS Architecture, Inc.


Herb Turner Zuni Del Mar Home

The opportunity to live in Herb Turner’s personal home is coming soon. 606 Zuni Drive is listed for $3,975,000 with Jon Granston of P.S. Platinum.

Life and Style in Del Mar

To fully appreciate the lifestyle offered by Del Mar, one must revisit the early days of the Del Mar Racetrack. Celebrities among the likes of Frank Sinatra would frequent San Diego as a summer retreat; a place to enjoy the surf, sun, and horse races. Horse racing was more than just a sport—the racetrack was a social venue and an outing for locals and visitors alike to see and be seen.

Whom do we owe for the glamorous history of Del Mar and the world-famous racetrack? Yet another big name of the past: Bing Crosby. With $100,000 in borrowed life insurance money and a handful of Hollywood friends as investors, Crosby opened the racetrack in 1937. Hollywood A-listers flocked to the track day and night, giving an air of luxury and style to the venue itself as well as the surrounding beachside community. The track earned national recognition during its second season when thoroughbreds Seabiscuit and Ligaroti stacked up in their famous “Match Race” in in 1938.


Seabiscuit Del Mar Racetrack

Seabiscuit and Ligaroti at the Del Mar Racetrack. Match Race, 1938. Photo courtesy of the San Diego Historical Society.

Present-Day Del Mar

The strong and lasting influence of the 30’s and 40’s can still be felt at present day during a visit to the Del Mar Racetrack. Today, a day at the track may begin with a mimosa from one Del Mar’s distinguished restaurants, and end with a fish taco or two at another. Many flock during and after the races to The Brigantine, a local establishment overlooking the track and lagoon, arguably presenting the best view of the racetrack in all of Del Mar. Here, they’ll celebrate their winnings or drown their sorrows after a busy day with friends spent enjoying the competition, scenery and fresh ocean air. In fact, the view is unparalleled—except for a handful of fortunate homeowners who reside on Via De La Valle, sharing the same spectacular view.

The fantasy to live like the affluent track-goers of the 30’s and 40’s is an easy reality in Del Mar. A luxurious new construction property is in the works at 107 Via De La Valle, just two lots East of The Brigantine restaurant. The home will have a spacious yard, one feature that none of the other homes in Boca Del Mar can claim. Revel in the views from The Brigantine, then enjoy those same views from your backyard. Taking the party home has never been easier. The new construction Del Mar home is scheduled for completion in Summer, 2017.



107 Via De La Valle is a pre-sale opportunity scheduled to be completed in Summer, 2017 offered at $6,950,000 – $7,250,000 with Jon Granston of P.S. Platinum.


The options are plentiful for those looking to live, or vacation in Del Mar. With the newly added “Bing Crosby season” at the Del Mar Racetrack extending the race season into Fall, there are even more reasons to stay past summer.

“There is a smile on every face, and winner in each race, where the surf meets the turf in Del Mar.”

-Bing Crosby, Where The Surf Meets The Turf

Your Del Mar Lifestyle Concierge

Luxury real estate agent Jon Granston can answer any of your questions about the exclusive community around the Racetrack, including the many properties that are so entwined in the history of Del Mar. If you’d like a peek at life in Del Mar, or a day at the racetrack, check out Granston’s interview with famed horse trainer Bob Hess at the Del Mar Thoroughbred club.

From luxurious accommodations in Del Mar to luxury vacation rentals, from existing historical homes for sale to new construction, Granston truly is a local expert. We highly recommend checking in with him first, regardless of the length of your stay. Drop your contact information into the form below to connect with Jon Granston.

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Luxury: Going Beyond The Basics

When we think of luxury, many of us think of wish fulfillment. We wish for simplicity; less red tape. We wish for amenities that facilitate moments of happiness and comfort in an otherwise hectic day; we wish for a good meal in places where a good meal is hard to find. But luxury can be more than that.

Luxury is the time, space, or comfort you didn’t know you could have.

True luxury services inform – and surprise – their clients with all they have to offer. As a consumer, customer, or owner, your needs are not simply met. Your expectations are exceeded.

Learn how real estate, luxury, and one-on-one service can transform the way you think of buying or selling a house:

  • Customize service & strategy
  • Expand your possibilities
  • Maintain peace of mind
  • Keep ownership on your terms

Service Begins with Understanding the Person

Jon Granston and his team pride themselves on offering exceptional service to luxury real estate clients throughout every stage of the buying or selling process. This custom-tailored service doesn’t come from a rulebook or a pre-set business strategy. According to Granston, the first step to making a client’s real estate dreams come true is listening.

Your lifestyle should be more than just a checklist.

By taking the time to learn about his clients’ dynamic lifestyles, Jon and his team at P.S. Platinum can begin to adapt the home search to the ways in which they and their families work, play, exercise, entertain and more. This approach to real estate goes beyond a checklist of square feet, bedrooms, baths, pools, and yard space – and with this unique understanding, stress can be minimized during the buying or selling process for you and your family.


Step Into a World of Possibility

Homebuyers tend to have set notions of their basic needs and preferences. Jon Granston partners with a network of professionals in related fields – including landscapers, construction contractors, and designers – to show his clients more than what they hoped to see. He shows homes with possibilities his clients had yet to imagine.

NetJets®, a luxury private aviation company, has a rich history of offering their clients the same exceptional levels of service. As a partner of Jon Granston, NetJets® aims to make owning a San Diego coastal home – and traveling to and from that home – synonymous with pleasure, convenience, and comfort.

The Ease of Ownership

For NetJets® Owners, air travel can be transformed from a necessary hassle to a timesaving experience that actually facilitates your work plans or your vacation. Owners have access to a network of services that add touches of ease, relaxation, and security in ways a commercial airline could never offer.

“We are handpicking and selecting the best aircraft types for each cabin class or category, and we’ve based that criteria on what our owners say.”

NetJets amenities include:

  • New NetJets Signature Series™ aircraft
  • A diverse fleet of 13 aircraft types
  • Full catering, beverages, and bar
  • iPads on every seat
  • Luxury ground transportation

From the moment you leave your front door to the moment you arrive at your destination, the NetJets Owner Services Team coordinates and curates your travel to optimize safety, efficiency, and peace of mind. Thanks to the backing of Warren Buffett, NetJets can invest as much as is needed to fit the owners’ needs.


Ownership Should Be On Your Terms

Through working with Jon Granston and his clients, NetJets’ Chad Blomgren recognizes P.S. Platinum’s commitment to the highest standards of client care. As a seasoned expert in San Diego real estate, with his own impressive track record of service, Jon Granston has secured his spot as a top producer in greater San Diego. His experience spans more than a decade of real estate experience, hundreds of properties, and dozens of highly satisfied luxury homeowners.

Above all, Jon is exceptionally equipped to lead a custom-tailored team of professionals to find, negotiate, and create your dream home – and it all starts with you.

“I know that Jon is going to take good care of them, and I know that it is going to be an easy transition for the NetJets owner.”


Uniquely Your Own

Read more about how Jon Granston can help you expand the possibilities for your next home. Take the time to go beyond your basic needs and imagine a house that takes your aesthetics and lifestyle to the next level of luxury.

Read more from Jon’s collaboration with NetJets by clicking on one of the links below:

Watch the video where NetJets Senior VP, Chad Blomgren shows Jon Granston around the NetJets luxury facilities.

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Fly In The Lap Of Luxury

What if air travel was a smooth and easy process, getting you from one door to another without the hassle of lines, delays, baggage claims or crammed aisleways?


It can be. Sink into the lap of luxury with NetJets, a service that makes all this and more possible with its personalized flight experience that caters to your needs both in the air and on the ground—every time you travel.

Climb aboard a state-of the art aircraft with expert pilots at its helm, your favorite foods and drinks at arm’s length, in-flight entertainment of your choosing and a flight time that can be cut by as much as half what you’d experience flying commercial. From custom catering to on-demand flight planning, NetJets allows its clients to discover the true meaning of service and amenities in their everyday air travel.


San Diego luxury real estate expert Jon Granston is a NetJets partner who delivers that same level of service to his clients, whether they are buying or selling a home. Clients enjoy a customized experience with the highest level of service and attention via P.S. Platinum’s wide-ranging network of support, making the process a smooth and pleasant journey for all parties involved.

A History of Luxury

As one of the world’s first privately owned aircraft management companies, NetJets began more than fifty years ago as Executive Jet Aviation. The company was founded by three retired World War II military pilots with the vision of pioneering a more customized, stress-free, and luxurious flight experience. Now backed by Warren Buffett, today NetJets has the benefits—and the financial resources—of one of the most powerful organizations in the world. For NetJets flyers, this history translates into unparalleled safety, security, reliability, and speed. A private jet experience is just a phone call away.


Take Control

NetJets is able to offer you what a commercial airline cannot: complete control over your itinerary and flight speeds that can cut the duration of your flight in half. You can leave when you want, reach your destination sooner, and change your mind when unexpected situations arise—all within as few as four hours’ notice to the NetJets Owner Services Team.

“Spend less time traveling and spend more time where you want to be.”

With more than 700 aircraft worldwide, a diverse fleet of 13-plus aircraft types, and 4,200 scheduled maintenance checks per year, NetJets is well-equipped to meet your every need. Whether you are traveling for work or pleasure, with your business team or your family, spend less time traveling and spend more time where you want to be.

Seasoned Experts & Exceptional Care

With 6,100 members on staff, NetJets employs a network of private aviation pilots, FAA-licensed aircraft dispatchers, FAA-approved meteorologists, operational analysts, and a 24/7 Owner Services Team. Together, they can offer the safest, most seamless, luxurious travel experience possible.

In 2014 alone, NetJets flew 127,470,259 nautical miles, demonstrating not only the magnitude of the company’s services but also the diversity of demands NetJets can meet. These impressive statistics translate into:

  • 306 trips to the moon and back
  • Circling the earth 5887 times
  • 359,043 hours in the air
  • 650 flights a day

Additionally, operating out of 1900 airports in more than 100 different countries, NetJets® has the reach and flexibility to accommodate nearly any itinerary.

True Service Expects the Unexpected

NetJets takes pride in anticipating your needs before they arise. The expansive network of air travel professionals and equipment are prepared for your unexpected travel plans—or your spur of the moment surprise getaways.


Safety & Security

Whether you are investing in property or booking air travel, safety and security remain paramount. NetJets delivers the safest, most reliable services in aviation that can be customized to suit your ever-changing needs—even mid-flight.

Never face the unexpected alone.

Jon Granston’s real estate clients at P.S. Platinum enjoy the same luxury of never facing the unexpected alone. With the support of a customized team designed to understand and facilitate your individual needs, Jon Granston and his team go the extra mile to offer exceptional white-glove service to every single client they serve. Read more from Jon’s collaboration with NetJets by clicking on one of the links below:

Watch the video of Jon Granston and NetJets Senior VP, Chad Blomgren as they experience the luxury of the NetJets signature series.

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Luxury Services And Innovative Solutions

Luxury can be divided into two categories: the luxuries we long for and the luxuries we do not yet know exist. Jon Granston, San Diego real estate agent, specializes in the latter.

Granston isn’t simply focused on the end goal of finding the perfect home; he continually seeks new ways to make his clients feel as comfortable and well cared for during the search itself. For Granston, the entire experience of buying a home should be as rewarding – from the first step – as those final moments when you settle in. 

  • Defining your real estate goals
  • Building your team
  • Don’t neglect the process
  • Creating a seamless timeline


Enjoying The Journey

Working with a diverse set of clients over the past 13 years, Granston understands how to not only cater to your needs but also anticipate them.

Imagine waking up on the day you are scheduled to take a walkthrough of your potential new San Diego coastal vacation home – except when you wake up, you are not in San Diego but New York. Thanks to Granston’s partnership with Chad Blomgren of NetJets®, this scenario isn’t a problem.

From a car service picking you up at your front door, to a private jet that can reach San Diego in a fraction of the time, to in-flight catering specifically prepared to your particular tastes, you can use the trip as a time to conduct business without the interruptions a commercial flight entails. Or you can use the time to relax and unwind before you step foot through the door of your potential new home.

“The entire experience of buying a home should be a rewarding one.”

According to Granston, one of the keys to offering a luxury experience is giving you what you haven’t yet imagined. He carefully listens to your unique goals, lifestyle choices, how you work, how you spend your free time, where you imagine yourself to be in a year, and where you imagine yourself to be 20 years down the road. By taking the time to understand what makes you tick, Granston can accelerate and curate the process of buying a home, giving you the ability to blaze your own trail on your own terms.


Defining Innovation

As a luxury real estate agent intent on changing the way we think about buying and selling a house, Granston continually seeks new partnerships, techniques, and approaches to improve our experiences. Luxury and innovation often go hand in hand.

A moment in the history of luxury: Harry Gordon Selfridge, an American entrepreneur, opened his own London department store in 1909. Anticipating the needs of Londoners, he revolutionized the way we shop; he transformed shopping from a chore to a glamorous experience. Instead of keeping the merchandise organized in drawers behind a counter, he displayed and arranged merchandise openly so you could feel the soft grain of the leather, be surprised by Florentine craftsmanship, or try on pairs of evening gloves till you found the perfect fit. Selfridge was the first in England to move perfume to the front of the department store, creating a sensuous and pleasurable environment from the moment you walked through the front door.

Like a tailor taking measurements before cutting the cloth, Granston takes the time to get to know you – and can design a custom-made approach for finding your dream home.

Luxury in the present day: Granston, like Selfridge, knows that creating a luxury experience takes a dedicated team of professionals. Selfridge hired specialists to find the best textiles, accessories, and scents the world had to offer; Granston works with a Network of professionals – designers, landscapers, financial planners, and transportation specialists – to elevate your home both inside and out.

“People will sit up and take notice of you if you will sit up and take notice of what makes them sit up and take notice.” – Harry Gordon Selfridge

P.S. Platinum is reinventing real estate by raising our expectations. Granston isn’t just selling you a house. He is creating a customized team that can cater to your unique needs, your aesthetics, and your lifestyle. And with NetJets®, your journey is garnished with touches of luxury along the way to make the act of buying a new home a pleasure rather than a chore.


Redefining Luxury: Real Estate

Selfridge’s innovation didn’t stop at merchandise. From fantastically elaborate window displays to in-store productions that rivaled the stage, Selfridge was determined to create rich environments that satisfied the senses. When he learned of Louis Blériot’s ground-breaking first flight across the English Channel, he placed Blériot’s monoplane in Selfridges to give his customers a taste of adventure and history, marvel and genius. (Like Granston, Selfridge recognized that air travel and luxury would be inextricably tied.) After Selfridge, shopping was never the same. Selfridge is even credited with inventing one of the most well-known service standards: “The customer is always right.”

Such close attention to detail makes a grand statement: exceeding your every expectation and your ultimate satisfaction are Granston’s primary concerns.

As one of the top producers at the luxury boutique real estate agency P.S. Platinum, Granston does much more than find houses that fulfill the wish lists of his clients. Yes, square feet, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a spacious kitchen layout, and a well-planned yard are all key components of feeling content when purchasing a home. But Granston believes that the process of buying a house can be equally important to your ultimate satisfaction.

NetJets® allows Granston’s clients to save countless hours during the buying process, work efficiently during travel time, and do so in the most comfortable of environments. Together, Granston and NetJets® can make buying a new house as simple and pleasurable as being fitted for a new suit. Look smart. Feel smart. Choose a real estate agent that can get you where you want to go – in style.

From Point A To Point B – And Beyond

Now that you understand a bit more about the style of luxury Jon Granston and his team can deliver, learn more about NetJets, private aviation, and the white glove experience both brands create. Read our next article, “Fly In The Lap Of Luxury” from Jon Granston, to learn how smooth transitions can make or break the experience of buying a house:

  • Timelines
  • Travel
  • Project management
  • Reaping the benefits

Watch the video with Jon Granston and NetJets Senior VP, Chad Blomgren at Lindbergh Field in San Diego.

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Take The Fast Track To First Class

Who says there is no need to reinvent the wheel? Aviation is arguably one of history’s biggest inventions. From Leonardo Da Vinci to the Wright brothers, air travel has changed the way we think about the relationship between time and space; what was once thought impossible became possible. NetJets®, with the largest private jet fleet in the world, takes this vision further. With NetJets, every flight is a luxury experience, customized to your every want and need.

Reinventing the wheel – and letting you take control.

San Diego real estate agent Jon Granston aims to harness the power of innovation and the experience of luxury to change the way we think about buying a house. Just as NetJets has reinvented air travel, Jon and his team are reinventing real estate. Backed by this network of professionals, you can steer the experience in whatever direction you wish.

In both air travel and real estate, smooth transitions can make or break your experience:

  • Travel
  • Timelines
  • Reaping the Benefits

Redefining Luxury: Travel

Jon Granston and Chad Blomgren of NetJets share clients, giving them the best land, sea, and air have to offer. Together, they can create a travel experience that is custom-tailored to your personal preferences, helping you to work more efficiently, play harder, or simply to sit back and relax.

Fashion changes, but style remains.”  – Chanel

Jon Granston and his team do the legwork toward finding your new North County coastal home, your second home, your vacation home – whatever real estate needs bring you to the San Diego area. NetJets makes sure you get there quickly, easily, and in style.

For work or pleasure, with business partners or family, NetJets® creates an in-flight environment to compliment your goals. Transform air travel from a need to a want.


Smooth Transitions

Having a second home on the other side of the country may seem an unlikely proposition. Commercial air travel, long lines at the airport, security checkpoints, flight delays, schedule conflicts, and the sheer distance of the flight can make going from Washington D.C. to the coast of San Diego for the weekend more trouble than it’s worth.

Make sure you are exactly where you want to be – when you want to be there.

NetJets® can eliminate all of these concerns with unparalleled service:

  • Luxury ground transportation to and from the airport
  • Guaranteed aircraft access made within hours of notice
  • No security lines, delays in travel due to other passengers, connecting flights, or lost luggage, allowing you to depart moments after you arrive at the airport
  • The highest safety standards
  • 24-hour on-call travel support team
  • Customized multi-city flights upon request

Whether you are in the process of buying property or simply traveling back and forth to your new coastal home, Jon Granston and NetJets® can make sure you are exactly where you want to be – when you want to be there.

The Benefits Of Ownership

Jon Granston and his team specialize in finding properties that meet your lifestyle needs, exceed your expectations for comfort and luxury, and feel like home even if home is across the country. Home ownership gives you the benefits of interior customization, guaranteed access to your getaway house whenever the mood strikes, and the security of knowing exactly what you are walking into.

The best of the best: fly on your schedule, escape when the mood strikes, then lay your head down on your own pillow at night.

As a NetJets Owner, you enjoy all of the convenience and luxury of your own private jet without the hassle or the expense. With fractional aircraft ownership, you fly on your schedule, equipping the jet to suit your needs each time you travel. Plus, you remain in complete control of the flight itinerary – including the ability to reroute the flight mid-air.


Go Beyond the Basic with Innovative Luxuries

Now that you have a first class seat, where will you go? Read our next article, “Luxury Services & Innovative Solutions” from Jon Granston, to learn how P.S. Platinum and NetJets fit into the history of high-end service and can expand your possibilities beyond your wildest dreams:

  • Defining your real estate goals
  • Building your team
  • Don’t neglect the process
  • Creating a seamless timeline


Watch the video with Jon Granston and NetJets Senior VP, Chad Blomgren at Lindbergh Field in San Diego.

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