A fluctuating market requires innovative marketing & negotiation tactics

At P.S. Platinum, we have built successful innovative tactics for selling homes, which goes beyond the traditional approach of past markets. With over 80% of sales originating from buyers seeing a property online, we have guided our energy into developing effective methods for online search-ability. P.S. Platinum has partnered with various web & media guru’s to offer our clients the best chance for a successful listing process. We work with Treehouse SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Treehouse MG (Video Production Marketing), Citrus Public Relations + Special Events, Various Professional Photographers, and a graphic design team for flyers, advertisements and individual property websites. These relationships have given our listings an edge over other competing listed properties, giving our clients the exposure and presentation they deserve.

P.S. Platinum’s boutique style service mixed with a global presence and local immersion has allowed our brokerage to be recognized as one of the top firms selling San Diego Real Estate. While we always hope & expect to be a seller’s first choice, we understand that some clients choose Real Estate agents based on obligation to pre-existing relationships rather than industry credentials. In those instances, we occasionally find ourselves re-energizing marketing & sales efforts for unsuccessful listings previously held with another broker. P.S. Platinum offers a strategy geared towards promoting property through both traditional & non-traditional methods. We see each home as its own brand, it’s why our online and print listing presentations get noticed & others passed over. Our team is not merely Real Estate Brokers, we are real estate & financial advisers with marketing & brand savvy.

We have designed a specific, three-tier system which has been proven to increase our ability to sell San Diego real estate. This is done by putting you first. Customer service is something that is very important to the team at Pacific Shore Platinum. It is this customer service, which brings our clients back to us when they have a San Diego real estate need.

Attracting Property Buyers

At P.S. Platinum, we start by learning your San Diego real estate selling goals. We want to know what you hope to attain by selling your property, so that we can make it a reality. Once we know your wishes, goals, hopes, and needs, we can get to work on getting your property sold.

Marketing your real estate will begin when we provide a detailed listing sheet to possible buyers and agents. As a San Diego real estate Broker, it is our job to sell your home. We offer top-notch and easily accessible information about your home so that people will become interested. This interest may lead to the viewing of your property. These information sheets will help us to sell your home. However, our job does not stop there.

Through our website and multiple listing services (MLS), we will make sure that your home receives maximum exposure. Additionally, we will place a distinctive “for sale” sign on your property if you do not have any objections to this. This is very important for a number of reasons. First, the sign lets people who pass your home know that it is for sale. Second, it shows them that you are working with a reputable San Diego real estate Broker. The sign also provides the information to potential buyers that they will need to contact us about your property.

All of this is going to give your home the exposure that it deserves. In no time, your home should be catching the eye of interested buyers, and we will receive calls from San Diego brokers. As we receive these calls, we will arrange for previewing of your home by cooperating brokers. Finally, our last step for this section will be to expose your property using our comprehensive marketing and advertising plan, which helps us to sell San Diego real estate.

Preparing your Property

Before we even attempt to sell San Diego real estate, we need to put a price on what it is worth. We begin this phase by looking at current market values for homes similar to yours to determine a fair price. A good price means that another San Diego real estate broker will be calling us with offers in no time. On the other hand, a price, which is too high, could mean your home stays on the market. At P.S. Platinum, we want to make sure this does not happen. This is why we advise you on proper pricing. We want to ensure that your home sells quickly, and you make as much as you can from the deal.

We will work with you on the most important points and improvements that can be made to your home to achieve a higher value. This information will also help you to know what it might take to sell your San Diego real estate property faster. Once all this has been handled, we will explain showing options to you. We will speak about showing times, and discuss open houses and other matters which can be done to increase sales.

During the selling phase, we will estimate your selling costs. This will let you know what to expect to spend on the process and what you will be receiving minus sales costs. Finally, we will provide personal relocation services if you need them.

Facilitate the Showing & Escrow

At P.S. Platinum, we realize how important communication is. This is especially true when you make the decision to sell your San Diego real estate. We work with you closely and communicate on a regular basis so that you know what is going on at all times. Additionally, we screen potential buyers to make sure that they are not going to waste your time or ours. There is no sense in showing your home to someone that is not serious about buying San Diego real estate or does not have the means to buy your home. Screening buyers will remove the majority of these problems, and this leaves your property open to serious individuals who want to buy your property.

As offers come in from individuals and other real estate brokers, we will present the offers to you in a written document. Once you have this document, we will help you review each offer. This will help you to decide if an offer is the best for you. Other than making the decision on whether to sell and to whom, you will not have a lot to do during this phase.

We negotiate the transactions and finalize the terms of the sale contract so you do not need to worry about these things. Once the sale contract is ready to go, we follow up on buyer financing to ensure that things are going well, and the sale is ready to be completed. Finally, we will confirm and close on the deal. In the end, we retain a file on the entire transaction just in case it is needed down the road.

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